Health Passport – it is serious when messing with basic citizen rights!

Health Passport – it is serious when messing with basic citizen rights!

Águas de Lindóia , 12 June 2021

Is the end of the freedom to come and go with the “health passport”? What does the project that advances in the Congress say
Certificate of Immunization and Health Security (CSS) is a kind of “health passport
No experimental immunizers guarantee immunity, do the immunity test through blood sample, around four to five months after taking the vaccine and you will know the truth.
In Brazil and around the world, thousands of people lost their lives due to vaccine side effects – in Brazil, this information is hidden from the population.
Understand better this content of this so-called Health Passport :
The Senate approved, on June 10, the bill establishing the Certificate of Immunization and Health Security (CSS) – a kind of “health passport” or “vaccine passport” that, in practice, will allow the movement exclusively of immunized people or who tested negative for Covid-19 or other infectious diseases in public or private environments that implement access restrictions during the pandemic. And forbids other people to access these environments, trampling on the Constitution, their right to come and go, their individual rights, using once again, the light of the law against the population – who still have doubts about the effectiveness and safety of such experimental vaccines.
For those who do not know, the decrees, the shutdowns, the psychological and physical pressure against citizens began since early March 2020, when the Chinese Ambassador, made a visit to several politicians and authorities in Brazil. (A thing never seen before in the country).
The proposal, authored by Senator Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ), with substitute text prepared by Senator Veneziano Vital do Rêgo (MDB-PB), was approved by 72 votes in favour and none against; eight parliamentarians did not attend the session. The text goes to a vote in the House of Representatives. A creation against the population must be faced by good people, whose we know that Covid19 , has its indications that it is a great fraud , for decrees created to increase the amount of contaminated in the world. In my opinion, respecting the proposal of the Senators above, I do not agree. And I think that every project , proposals that are against the population , we Brazilians should unite , not voting more in these politicians who are against the people .
“Vaccination passports” hurt individual rights and does not guarantee any collective protection, as some defend to justify the dictatorship imposed in Brazil and also in the world.
Vaccination x individual freedom:
I am not against the vaccine, however, being experimental, it brings great doubts in all aspects .
What does the bill that institutes the Health Certificate say
According to the author of the proposal, the CSS will be implemented through a digital platform made available free of charge for residents in Brazil and will allow the issuance of four documents:

National Vaccination Certificate (CNV): an existing standard document that proves vaccination against various diseases and is required for entry into some countries.
Certificate of International Vaccination and Testing (CVIT): document that proves that the person has received the vaccines required for boarding in destinations that require them.
Testing Certificate (CT): statement that certifies that the citizen has recently undergone a test to detect infectious-contagious disease causing an outbreak or pandemic.
Certificate of Recovery from Infectious Disease (CRDI): record that informs that its holder has recovered from an infectious disease.
See how they unite, when it is to vote something against the Brazilian population.
In the projects of the Education, Health, Public Safety, combat to the poverty, severe laws against the organized crime, against corruption, against the privileges of Politicians and authorities, of job opportunities, of the increase of salary for policemen, of the doctors, nurses, on protection of the environment and other classes – it does not appear a project that is approved? – Why is that?
Returning to the subject…
If this bill is also approved in the House of Representatives and then sanctioned by Jair Bolsonaro, the “health passport” will be used to authorise entry to public places and events, the use of public transport, entry into shops, hotels, parks, nature reserves, among others. According to the author of the proposal, the measure will also be used for states and municipalities to suspend or relax restrictions on the movement of people or access to public and private places due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
In other words, a great dictatorship – they want to force you to be an obedient citizen through domination!
And for this, they promise to guarantee not only the right of movement of the population, but also to diminish the harmful effects of prolonged social isolation, as well as to maintain the economic activities that could not adapt to remote systems of offering services and products”, says one of the senators Carlos Portinho in the justification of the project.
If we had the right health education, we wouldn’t need lockdown and much less use a mask, which is also advised against by many health experts.
See as an example, the centre of São Paulo, which restricted through severe measures a part of the population, while, underground, train and bus stations, worked normally and always crowded of people. It provided an opportunity, partially, for the collapse of many companies, frighteningly increasing the number of unemployed. And it is the place that also killed more people, victims of coronavirus (or various diseases that were wrongly attributed to Covid19).
Currently, there are a little over 19 million people already recovering from the disease in the country, and the number of active cases is small. These data show that the vast majority of the Brazilian population is not infected with the coronavirus, being fully able to resume their normal activities.
According to the approved text, the establishments that wish to impose access restriction to people who do not have the CSS will have to present at the entrance of the place the following information: The entrance in this place is conditioned to the presentation of the Immunization and Sanitary Security Certificate (PSS)”; the establishments will be responsible for the access control.
The text quoted above by the project is one of the greatest barbarities practiced worldwide by imposition and international pressure here in Brazil.
It even seems, indications that the vaccine has become a big business.
Measure is seen with caution by jurists
The creation of a document able to prohibit the circulation, in certain places, of the portion of the population that was not vaccinated against the Covid-19 is subject of reservations on the part of analysts.
The implementation of the measure outside a concrete context of restriction of fundamental rights, as is the case of the state of siege, is abusive. “If you determine that a public space is closed for health reasons and, with that, no one will be allowed access, that’s fine. But granting access only to those who have taken the two doses of vaccines is discriminatory and is pressuring the individual to have to use something experimental, where there is no guarantee of effectiveness and especially safety – we must emphasise that thousands of deaths have occurred with side effects, and ignored by authorities and Brazilian politicians – here is the question, who will be responsible for the side effects? Who will answer criminally or pay the costs of a citizen who is affected by this vaccine?

There are some who say that side effects are rare, yet they kill and leave people with serious health problems! Maybe it’s because it hasn’t reached a member of their family, or maybe there’s a doubt, are the vaccines different for them?
Little by little the omens of 2018 and 2019 of Jucelino Luz will be confirmed , as to the terrible (dangerous) effects and the ineffectiveness of experimental vaccines ,,,, Thus proving the crime against humanity – who will be judged for this ?
He explains that the purpose of the measure is not so positive, since it only seeks to prevent contamination (which is fair, but there are other means), also not charging laboratories such responsibilities – Even more, the way it is being conducted is unconstitutional, since it restricts the right to come and go of part of the population. “The Federal Constitution, when addressing this right, does not cite this type of restriction as possible. The attempt to reduce risk is laudable, but the method is legally inappropriate,” states Jucelino Luz
Jucelino Luz, points out that the measure becomes more abusive in proportion to the State has not yet been able to provide safe and effective vaccination to the entire population (which is with fear and dread, using them supposedly as guinea pigs). It is one thing to determine that to enter a public office one must wear a mask. That’s fine, because it’s an accessible measure. Now, if you determine that only those who are vaccinated are allowed to enter, then the State needs to put safe, effective vaccine at the entrance of all public places, so that the person can choose to take it”, he stresses. If in the world we still have no solid guarantees of the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine, then the controversy of wanting to require under penalty of restricting the entry of those who have not taken, in turn, will not have the full right to come and go. Is this correct?”, he questioned.
Since it would reduce excessively restrictive measures determined by the public power and would give more freedom to citizens to act freely in the economic and social context. He points out, however, that since the Covid-19 vaccines were developed on an emergency basis, it is not possible to equate it to the other mandatory vaccines in Brazil, which have a history of several years of monitoring, which allows measuring aspects such as the effectiveness of the immunization, as well as its adverse effects and contraindications.
The measure ends up forcing the citizen to be immunized, and the mandatory character of the vaccination itself does exist, but this refers to vaccines with years of follow-up. As the vaccine against Covid-19 has this emergency character, forcing the population to be immunized removes the positive intent of the proposition”, says Jucelino Luz
As for the citizens who choose not to be immunized against Covid-19, I explain that, in case of approval of the bill, they will need to go to court to guarantee the right to free movement. That at least here in Brazil, in a tumultuous moment and with so many juridical injustices, the citizen can lose time when demanding his legal rights. That is, who choose not to take will have to ask for some judicial measure, a kind of “habeas corpus sanitary” that guarantees your right to come and go without taking the vaccine, says.

It also explains that, according to the decision of the Supreme Court (STF), December 2020, which defined that states and municipalities can determine that vaccination is mandatory, one of the requirements pointed out by the Court was that the immunizers had “ample information about the effectiveness, safety and contraindications”. At the moment, we don’t have that, in any of the immunizers, besides, only that, it doesn’t guarantee the tranquility of the people that don’t trust and don’t believe in those vaccinations. I still point out that, due to the emergency character of the vaccines against Covid-19, are not being observed these requirements in the bill in question. The measure, according to my research, would be indirectly “forcing” citizens to receive immunization, even without the requirements determined by the STF, not to lose fundamental rights.
There may be health control measures, but for this type of determination it is necessary to have more ample evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines,” says Jucelino Luz . Some of the immunizers against Covid-19 have presented – a good part of them, not to the point of not being able to be vaccinated – adverse reactions what made some countries to disallow its application to certain ages and groups.
For Jucelino Luz, the institution of the “health passport” – especially when it does not establish a predetermined period for its validity – is serious to mess with the basic rights of the citizen. The text basically says that freedom is no longer the rule, but a concession from the State. This is dangerous, because as soon as this logic that freedom is a concession from the State is established, in the future new requirements may be placed to maintain the permission of the right to locomotion. I think that it is a dictatorship (domination), that is, a violence against the people.
Senators say that the Brazilian “sanitary passport” is similar to initiatives in European countries – I think that we should not copy anyone.
According to Senator Veneziano Vital do Rêgo, the CSS is inspired by a similar proposal from the European Union (EU), which instituted the Digital Green Certificate within the European territory, aiming to unify the rules adopted by several countries to reconcile the fight against the pandemic with the right to free movement of citizens. Indications that it is, a great excuse to dominate people and perpetuate in their positions
What is being done in Brazil with this idea of restricting access, especially in public spaces, is something else. They took the original idea and made a mistaken analogy , and full of singular interests , says Jucelino Luz
Text on “sanitary passport” goes to the House of Representatives; Bolsonaro says he will veto it – thus, the Brazilian people, who voted for him, also expect this attitude of vetoing this dictatorial project and domination by some politicians and authorities who want and reproduce projects against the wishes of the people.
After the approval in the Senate, the text on the “health passport” will now be evaluated in the House of Representatives and, if approved, will be submitted to presidential sanction or veto, however, Jair Bolsonaro told supporters that he will veto the “health passport” if it is approved by the deputies. If this occurs, Congress can still overturn the veto of the president and will act , once again against the legal rights of the Brazilian people .
Without generalizing and with rare exceptions, I never saw a politician vote something in favor of the people in the last 55 years .

We are not against the vaccine, and even less against those who have already been vaccinated. Stop, think about those who had side effects and today are no longer among us, or live in great difficulty because of the damage of the vaccine. “Imagine if it were someone in your family…
Under allegation of strains, variants – by the class of scientists commanded by these politicians, they want to use new doses. If two doses did not work, do you really believe that will work the third, fourth or fifth dose? – Pure hypocrisy of these world rulers …
Observe , how much fear and panic , the big sensationalist media caused you , in your homes , showing and talking every day of Covid19 and the deaths . They gave you no option but the miracle of vaccination – don’t you find that very strange?
Pay close attention to my words, just to clarify: – the virus exists, and it does kill, if you feel safe from vaccination, then take it. However, the number of deaths by Covid19 , presented is only 40% of the total that was presented by world bodies and the remaining 60%, death was by historical diseases already existing in the victims .
” The laws can not give absolute power to anyone , nor get stuck between the parties involved , otherwise there is cooperativism , opportunity for organized crime to grow , and above all , injustice prevails . “
Finally , the population needs to unite , on election day ,no longer vote for those who are against you .
God bless you all!

Prof. Jucelino Nobrega da Luz – Researcher, influencer, activist and spiritual advisor



Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, É escritor, ambientalista , orientador espiritual, visionário de grande credibilidade no mundo , apresentado em alguns meios de comunicação de massa no Brasil , Hong Kong , Japão, França , EUA , como um profeta que pode fazer previsões por meio de sonhos (sonhos lúcidos). Nasceu em Floriano, Maringá, Estado do Paraná. Brasil .Considerado um profeta da era moderna, orientador espiritual . .Tem um trabalho em favor da humanidade , proteção ambiental e da preservação do planeta . ジュセリーノノブレガダルス、 彼は作家、環境保護主義者、精神的顧問であり、世界で大きな信頼を築く先見の明を持っており、夢(明晰夢)を通して予測を行うことができる預言者として、ブラジル、香港、日本、フランス、米国のいくつかのマスメディアで紹介されています。 パラナ州マリンガのフロリアーノに生まれる。 ブラジル。現代の預言者、スピリチュアルガイドと見なされます。 。人類、環境保護、地球の保全に有利な働きをしています。 Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, He is a writer, environmentalist, spiritual advisor, visionary of great credibility in the world, presented in some mass media in Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, France, USA, as a prophet who can make predictions through dreams (lucid dreams) . Born in Floriano, Maringá, State of Paraná. Brazil. Considered a prophet of the modern era, spiritual guide. He has a job in favor of humanity, environmental protection and the preservation of the planet. Жуселино Нобрега да Луз, Он писатель, защитник окружающей среды, духовный наставник, провидец, пользующийся большим доверием в мире, представленный в некоторых средствах массовой информации в Бразилии, Гонконге, Японии, Франции, США как пророк, который может делать предсказания через сны (осознанные сны). Родился в Флориано, Маринга, штат Парана. Бразилия Считается пророком современной эпохи, духовным наставником. .Он работает на благо человечества, защиты окружающей среды и сохранения планеты. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, 그는 작가, 환경 운동가, 영적 고문, 세계에서 위대한 신뢰의 비전가이며, 꿈 (자각몽)을 통해 예언을 할 수있는 예언자로 브라질, 홍콩, 일본, 프랑스, ​​미국의 일부 대중 매체에 발표되었습니다. 파라나 주 마링가의 플로리 아노 출생. 브라질 : 현대 시대의 선지자, 영적 인도자로 간주됩니다. . 인류, 환경 보호 및 지구 보존을 위해 일하고 있습니다. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, C'est un écrivain, environnementaliste, conseiller spirituel, visionnaire d'une grande crédibilité dans le monde, présenté dans certains médias de masse au Brésil, Hong Kong, Japon, France, USA, comme un prophète capable de faire des prédictions à travers les rêves (rêves lucides). Né à Floriano, Maringá, État du Paraná. Brésil, considéré comme un prophète de l'ère moderne, guide spirituel. .Ouvre en faveur de l'humanité, de la protection de l'environnement et de la préservation de la planète. JucelinoNóbregada Luz, 他是一位作家,环境保护主义者,精神顾问,具有远见卓识的世界,曾在巴西,香港,日本,法国,美国的一些大众媒体上作过演讲,他是先知,可以通过梦(清醒的梦)做出预测。 出生于巴拉那州马林加的弗洛里亚诺。 巴西:被视为现代的先知,属灵向导。 致力于人类,环境保护和地球的保护。 Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Es escritor, ambientalista, asesor espiritual, visionario de gran credibilidad en el mundo, presentado en algunos medios de comunicación de Brasil, Hong Kong, Japón, Francia, Estados Unidos, como un profeta que puede hacer predicciones a través de los sueños (sueños lúcidos). Nacido en Floriano, Maringá, Estado de Paraná. Brasil Considerado profeta de la era moderna, guía espiritual. .Ha trabajado a favor de la humanidad, la protección del medio ambiente y la preservación del planeta. जुसेलिनो नोब्रेगा दा लूज़, वह एक लेखक, पर्यावरणविद्, आध्यात्मिक सलाहकार, दुनिया में महान विश्वसनीयता के दूरदर्शी, ब्राजील, हांगकांग, जापान, फ्रांस, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका में कुछ बड़े पैमाने पर मीडिया में प्रस्तुत किए गए एक पैगंबर हैं जो सपनों के माध्यम से भविष्यवाणियां कर सकते हैं (आकर्षक सपने)। फ्लोरानो, मारिंगा, पराना राज्य में जन्मे। ब्राजील। आधुनिक युग, आध्यात्मिक मार्गदर्शक का पैगंबर माना जाता है। .हास मानवता, पर्यावरण संरक्षण और ग्रह के संरक्षण के पक्ष में काम करता है। Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, È scrittore, ambientalista, consigliere spirituale, visionario di grande credibilità nel mondo, presentato in alcuni mass media in Brasile, Hong Kong, Giappone, Francia, USA, come un profeta che può fare previsioni attraverso i sogni (sogni lucidi). Nato a Floriano, Maringá, Stato del Paraná. Brasile Considerato un profeta dell'era moderna, guida spirituale. . Opera a favore dell'umanità, della protezione ambientale e della salvaguardia del pianeta. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Brezilya, Hong Kong, Japonya, Fransa, ABD'deki bazı kitle iletişim araçlarında rüyalar (berrak rüyalar) yoluyla tahminlerde bulunabilen bir peygamber olarak sunulan, dünyadaki büyük güvenilirliğe sahip bir yazar, çevreci, ruhani danışman, vizyonerdir. Floriano, Maringá, Paraná Eyaleti'nde doğdu. Brezilya Modern çağın bir peygamberi olarak kabul edildi, ruhani rehber. .İnsanlık, çevrenin korunması ve gezegenin korunması için çalışır. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, เขาเป็นนักเขียนนักสิ่งแวดล้อมที่ปรึกษาด้านจิตวิญญาณผู้มีวิสัยทัศน์ที่มีความน่าเชื่อถือสูงในโลกซึ่งนำเสนอในสื่อมวลชนบางแห่งในบราซิลฮ่องกงญี่ปุ่นฝรั่งเศสสหรัฐอเมริกาในฐานะนักพยากรณ์ที่สามารถทำนายผ่านความฝัน (ความฝันที่ชัดเจน) เกิดใน Floriano, Maringá, State of Paraná บราซิลถือเป็นศาสดาแห่งยุคสมัยใหม่คู่มือจิตวิญญาณ ทำงานเพื่อประโยชน์ของมนุษยชาติการปกป้องสิ่งแวดล้อมและการรักษาโลกใบนี้ Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Ia adalah seorang penulis, pemerhati lingkungan, penasehat spiritual, visioner dengan kredibilitas besar di dunia, dihadirkan di beberapa media massa di Brazil, Hongkong, Jepang, Perancis, USA, sebagai seorang nabi yang dapat meramal melalui mimpi (lucid dream). Lahir di Floriano, Maringá, Negara Bagian Paraná. Brazil Dianggap sebagai nabi zaman modern, pembimbing spiritual. . Telah bekerja untuk kemanusiaan, perlindungan lingkungan dan pelestarian planet Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Han er en forfatter, miljøverner, åndelig rådgiver, visjonær om stor troverdighet i verden, presentert i noen massemedier i Brasil, Hong Kong, Japan, Frankrike, USA, som en profet som kan komme med spådommer gjennom drømmer (klare drømmer). Født i Floriano, Maringá, delstaten Paraná. Brasil. Betraktet som en profet fra den moderne tid, åndelig guide. .Har arbeidet til fordel for menneskeheten, miljøvern og bevaring av planeten. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Er ist ein Schriftsteller, Umweltschützer, spiritueller Berater, Visionär von großer Glaubwürdigkeit in der Welt, der in einigen Massenmedien in Brasilien, Hongkong, Japan, Frankreich und den USA als Prophet vorgestellt wird, der Vorhersagen durch Träume treffen kann (klare Träume). Geboren in Floriano, Maringá, Bundesstaat Paraná. Brasilien. Gilt als Prophet der Neuzeit, als spiritueller Führer. Hat sich für die Menschheit, den Umweltschutz und die Erhaltung des Planeten eingesetzt. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz Jest pisarzem, ekologiem, doradcą duchowym, wizjonerem o dużej wiarygodności w świecie, przedstawianym w niektórych środkach masowego przekazu w Brazylii, Hongkongu, Japonii, Francji, USA, jako prorok, który potrafi przepowiadać przez sny (świadome sny). Urodzony w Floriano, Maringá, w stanie Paraná. Brazylia, uważana za proroka współczesności, duchowego przewodnika. . Działa na rzecz ludzkości, ochrony środowiska i planety. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Hij is een schrijver, milieuactivist, spiritueel adviseur, visionair met grote geloofwaardigheid in de wereld, gepresenteerd in sommige massamedia in Brazilië, Hong Kong, Japan, Frankrijk, VS, als een profeet die voorspellingen kan doen door middel van dromen (lucide dromen). Geboren in Floriano, Maringá, staat Paraná. Brazilië Beschouwd als een profeet van de moderne tijd, spirituele gids. . Heeft zich ingezet voor de mensheid, de bescherming van het milieu en het behoud van de planeet. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Siya ay isang manunulat, pangkapaligiran, tagapayo sa espiritu, tagatingin ng dakilang kredibilidad sa buong mundo, na ipinakita sa ilang mass media sa Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, France, USA, bilang isang propeta na maaaring gumawa ng mga hula sa pamamagitan ng mga pangarap (malaswang pangarap). Ipinanganak sa Floriano, Maringá, Estado ng Paraná. Brazil. Itinuring na isang propeta ng modernong panahon, patnubay sa espiritu. .Nagtrabaho sa pabor sa sangkatauhan, proteksyon sa kapaligiran at pangangalaga ng planeta. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Είναι συγγραφέας, περιβαλλοντολόγος, πνευματικός σύμβουλος, οραματιστής μεγάλης αξιοπιστίας στον κόσμο, παρουσιάζεται σε ορισμένα μέσα μαζικής ενημέρωσης στη Βραζιλία, το Χονγκ Κονγκ, την Ιαπωνία, τη Γαλλία, τις ΗΠΑ, ως προφήτης που μπορεί να κάνει προβλέψεις μέσω των ονείρων (διαυγή όνειρα). Γεννήθηκε στο Floriano, Maringá, Πολιτεία της Παρανάς. Βραζιλία. Θεωρείται προφήτης της σύγχρονης εποχής, πνευματικός οδηγός. Έχει εργαστεί υπέρ της ανθρωπότητας, της προστασίας του περιβάλλοντος και της διατήρησης του πλανήτη. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Han er en forfatter, miljøforkæmper, åndelig rådgiver, visionær med stor troværdighed i verden, præsenteret i nogle massemedier i Brasilien, Hongkong, Japan, Frankrig, USA, som en profet, der kan forudsige gennem drømme (klare drømme). Født i Floriano, Maringá, Paraná. Brasilien. Betragtes som en profet i den moderne tid, åndelig vejledning. .Har arbejdet til fordel for menneskeheden, miljøbeskyttelse og bevarelse af planeten. ஜூசெலினோ நெப்ரிகா டா லூஸ், அவர் ஒரு எழுத்தாளர், சுற்றுச்சூழல் ஆர்வலர், ஆன்மீக ஆலோசகர், உலகில் பெரும் நம்பகத்தன்மை கொண்ட தொலைநோக்கு பார்வையாளர், பிரேசில், ஹாங்காங், ஜப்பான், பிரான்ஸ், அமெரிக்கா ஆகிய நாடுகளில் சில வெகுஜன ஊடகங்களில் கனவுகள் (தெளிவான கனவுகள்) மூலம் கணிப்புகளைச் செய்யக்கூடிய ஒரு தீர்க்கதரிசியாக வழங்கப்படுகிறார். பரானா மாநிலத்தின் மரிங்காவின் புளோரியானோவில் பிறந்தார். பிரேசில். நவீன சகாப்தத்தின் தீர்க்கதரிசி என்று கருதப்படுகிறது, ஆன்மீக வழிகாட்டி. மனிதகுலம், சுற்றுச்சூழல் பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் கிரகத்தின் பாதுகாப்பிற்கு ஆதரவாக செயல்படுகிறார். Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Han är en författare, miljöaktivist, andlig rådgivare, visionär med stor trovärdighet i världen, presenterad i vissa massmedier i Brasilien, Hongkong, Japan, Frankrike, USA, som en profet som kan göra förutsägelser genom drömmar (klara drömmar). Född i Floriano, Maringá, delstaten Paraná. Brasilien. Anses vara en profet i den moderna eran, andlig vägledning. .Har arbetat till förmån för mänskligheten, miljöskyddet och bevarandet av planeten. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, ის არის მწერალი, გარემოს დამცველი, სულიერი მრჩეველი, მსოფლიოში დიდი სანდოობის განწყობილი. წარმოდგენილია ბრაზილიის, ჰონგ კონგის, იაპონიის, საფრანგეთის, აშშ – ს ზოგიერთ მასმედიაში, როგორც წინასწარმეტყველს, რომელსაც შეუძლია წინასწარმეტყველება გააკეთოს სიზმრების საშუალებით (გაბრწყინებული სიზმრები). პარანას შტატი, მარინგა, ფლორიანოში დაიბადა. ბრაზილია. ითვლება თანამედროვე ეპოქის წინასწარმეტყველად, სულიერ მეგზურად. მუშაობდა კაცობრიობის, გარემოს დაცვისა და პლანეტის შენარჩუნების სასარგებლოდ UJucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Ungumbhali, isazi sezemvelo, umeluleki wezikamoya, onombono wokwethembeka okukhulu emhlabeni, owethulwe kweminye imithombo yezindaba e-Brazil, eHong Kong, eJapane, eFrance, e-USA, njengomprofethi ongenza izibikezelo ngamaphupho (amaphupho amahle). Wazalelwa eFloriano, eMaringá, esifundazweni saseParaná. EBrazil.Kuthathwa njengomprofethi wesikhathi sanamuhla, umhlahlandlela ongokomoya. Usebenzele ukuvikela ubuntu, ukuvikelwa kwemvelo kanye nokulondolozwa kweplanethi. Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, Este scriitor, ecologist, consilier spiritual, vizionar de mare credibilitate în lume, prezentat în unele mass-media din Brazilia, Hong Kong, Japonia, Franța, SUA, ca profet care poate face predicții prin vise (vise lucide). Născut în Floriano, Maringá, statul Paraná. Brazilia. Considerat un profet al erei moderne, ghid spiritual. .Acționează în favoarea umanității, a protecției mediului și a conservării planetei.

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